Search by a key word found in a specific business name. Example: Zax or Dunk if desiring a Zaxby’s or Dunkin Donuts franchise. (See TIP)

Select a NAICS code by identifying the “industry” associated with the target business.

This box will auto fill when an industry type has been selected. It can also be manually entered and adjusted as needed.

A quick search of a key word can reveal an industry/franchise NAICS code. Once the desired code has been identified, use it to refine the search results.

Broaden your search by using only the first 4 digits of the NAICS code and include a Key Word in the Box 1.

Fast Food – 722513 | Full Service Restaurants – 722511 | Grocery Stores – 445110 | Convenience Stores w/gas – 447110 | w/o gas – 445120 | Car Repair Garage – 811111 | Department Stores – 452210 | Send us your most looked for NAICS via our contact form and we’ll add it to the list. is an excellent site to narrow down the specific industry code of a unique business.

Click here to load this Caspio Cloud Database
Click here to load this Caspio Cloud Database