Evans Valuation Database

Where Everything is Valued.

Over 25 years of Business Personal Property audit experience has given way to this valuation tool. Values from nearly every business type are available to provide a comparable value to any audit project.

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The EVAL tab is the heart of the EVD. Upon log-in, you will be directed to the EVAL page. Tell us as much as you know about the business in question. Using a NAICS code, target value range, and any partial business name, the EVD will return a range of data for you to use to support an audit or discovered value.

TIP: After an EVAL Search, right-click the CREATE button to open in a “New Tab”. This will make data transfer from your EVAL report to your PROJECT much easier. 

CREATE a valuation PROJECT with the business information on-hand. After submission, PROJECTS are saved in the cloud and are editable on the “PROJECTS” page. Not interested in a full PROJECT? Jump straight to the EVAL for a quick value search. 

EVAL data can be saved to .pdf or .xls format directly from the EVAL page. PROJECTS can be printed from the PRINT PROJECTS button.

EValData has provided us with the confidence to accurately value taxpayers without unnecessary or arbitrary discovery amounts.