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Why Choose Us?

We realize the importance of your work with the county as a public servant. We recognize that we also have a responsibility to be courteous and professional in our dealings with taxpayers. Our reputation speaks for itself.

You will very quickly be on a first name basis with our auditors and staff. We are able to provide you with the attention and service you deserve without being an interruption to your day-to-day responsibilities. We do the work for you.

You work with a team of professionals who are experts at what they do. The heart of your team will be an experienced auditor. But you will also get expert advice and assistance from anyone on our staff. Our auditors have experience in auditing various types of businesses as well as training the taxpayer. We educate them as to the types of assets reportable and how to appropriately list them for reporting purposes.

Our fees are clearly presented in our agreement and there are no other hidden charges. It is insincere pricing to charge more because of the size of the account. In our experience, the audit complexity is not necessarily related to the size of the account; but rather, the quality of the records. Our fees are set so that you can more easily plan and budget.

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Our clients say

"I can always call Phil…He is a valuable resource for us, and the audit program has been financially beneficial for the county."
Personal Property Administrator
"Audits performed by Evans & Associates are conducted timely and accurately, with positive results. The findings provided to our office are accurate and thorough, which result in few letters of exception on the discoveries issued by our office. When a taxpayer does file an exception, Evans & Assoc. is always available to defend the findings of audits that they have conducted…They have helped our office maintain fair and equitable taxation by identifying unreported or under reported business assets."
Business Personal Property Appraiser
"They go the extra mile to help me with any questions…In my opinion, they are the best at what they do"!
BPP Supervisor